About Pete's Tire Barns

Pete's Tire Barns was founded in 1968 and has been selling and servicing tires throughout New England for over 45 years. Our motto is "Tires for work. Tires for play." and we truly live by that saying. We have 16 locations and a 117,000 square foot tire distribution center that houses over 11 million dollars worth of tires.

We carry tires to fit everything from a two wheeled dollie to a humongous earth mover. Tires are what we do. This is Pete's Tire Barns website for our BKT Tire product lineup. We stock high quality BKT Tires for all types farm tractors, implement, forklifts, skidsteers, ATV and lawn and garden equipment.

Whether you're looking for a rear farm tractor tire or a low impact turf tire, Pete's Tire Barns has it. Any tire we carry can be shipped to you via UPS or delivered to any of our 19 stores for free pickup.

Have BKT Tire questions, call 978-633-3763.